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    I just started DD on solids this week. I was going to BLS but with all the gagging and choking, decided to go to purees. She is taking to that better and is loving it! Now, she hasn't been to her 6 month checkup yet, so I'm confused as to how to do this. Last her doctor told me at her 4 month checkup was to wait 4-5 days before introducing new foods? Is that necessary for that long? I was thinking to do 3. Also, when it comes to food, when do I start meat? How often to feed? When to increase to twice, three times a day, etc?

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    The wait to introduce new foods is to make sure that she is not having a problem with anything you are introducing. I have heard between 3 and 5 days also. I don't think it really matter as long as you are keeping track of what she is eating and what kind of (if any) reaction she has to it. We started my LO out on one meal a day till 9 months, then two till 12 months then at 12 months we have just upped it to 3 meal a day but all of his "snacks" are still nursing. Now we did it this way becuase I was just a little paranoid about solids replacing nursing. but it worked out really well for us becuase we started with dinner then moved to breakfast and finally lunch. that way I had a whole list of food that I knew were safe to send for breakfast and lunch before he started to get them at the sitter. That was one of my worries with starting breakfast or lunch first was that he would have a reaction at the sitters house. As for when to start meat I have heard a huge range of opinions on that so have no advice. We started when he was probably 7 or 8 months old.

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    we wait about 2-3 days between new foods.
    As for meat, I put it though a food mill. This one here http://www.munchkin.com/products/detail.html?pID=24 and add a little bit of water or breastmilk. Ground meats work really well because they are fairly soft.
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    I wait four days because sometimes it takes that long to see a reaction. They haven't been severe alleric reaction but rashes etc. That way I'm absolutely sure what caused it. Meat is fine as a first food because it is high in iron. My DS refuses to eat it. Also, I like to give little peices of banana, avocdo, cooked pears and apples. DS never gagged on it if I cut it up tiny. If I gave him strips he shoved the whoe thing in his mouth and scared me to death. This way he still feeds himself but I control the size and how much he gets at once.

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    We started with avocado, sweet potato and banana at 6 1/2 - 7 months. He didn't really like anything until 5-6 weeks later when he got butternut squash, which he did like. Then a couple of weeks after that we gave him pears and lentils - together - which he really liked. I have the cutest video of it.

    Lentils are good because they are higher in iron (as far as plant sources go anyway), and have lots of fiber, which my sometimes-constipated little guy needs. Pears are really easy to make, and if your baby has the same issue, they can help him go. Just peel, cut them up, and cook them over low-medium heat for a few minutes. You can either puree them or mash them. I made them last week and added a little cinnamon, which (at 9+ months) my little guy seems to like. He crawled over to the stove and looked up, and my husband lifted him up - he clearly wanted a taste, so I gave him a few, and he liked them a lot!

    As far as meat, we gave lentils first, but he's now had chicken and turkey. He seems to not mind chicken as much as turkey. It helps a lot to mix the chicken with another food the baby doesn't mind (and has had before if the meat is new in their diet). Tonight I gave my son lentils, chunky-pureed peas, and chicken mixed together, and he seemed to really like it. At some point soon I'll try adding some kind of gentle spice, maybe a bit of oregano, and see what he thinks.

    Just start slow, and go with your instinct, I really believe that. Don't stress if you can't always get the timing right. We did one meal a day (well, most days!) from 6 1/2 - 8 1/2 months, and then started giving breakfast most days. I still don't stress about it a lot. I mostly concentrate on making sure he gets enough breastmilk despite distractability, and feeding him solids soon after he nurses. Some days, coordinating timing just doesn't work, so he gets one meal instead of two. Despite knowing some people who think they need to be pushing their child to have many highly-scheduled meals and snacks per day before 9 months (which I disagree with), I have worked to hold my ground and go with what feels right for us.

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