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Thread: Pan during BF after I returned to work?

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    Default Pan during BF after I returned to work?

    Hi Ladies,
    Happy Mother's Day! I have beem exclusively BF my DD (3 mos old). I just became a WOHM one week ago. I pump 4-5 times during my workday. When I return to my DD in the evening I nurse her 3-4 times before bedtime. Over the weekend I nurse her 10-12 times all day long. But my problem is I am having excruciating nipple pain almost every time I nurse her directly now. It hurts so much I want to pump exclusively and not nurse her directly? She is with my MIL while I am at work and she has been giving her the pacifier, could the pacifier be changing my LO's latch on? Could the pump be confusing my nipple...my pump draws out my nipple so much, my LO's latch on is good but my nipple isn't drawn out as much as the pump draws it out? I should say I wasn't having any pain while I was home with her. She also drinks EBM from a Tommee Tippee bottle and that was introduced before and she was able to switch from the TT bottle to my breast with ease and no pain for me. Help I need advice. The pain is unbearable.

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    It sounds like the pacifier and/or bottle use is affecting your LO's latch. I would go back to basics with her and hold the nipple so she gets a deep latch. Jack Newman's website has some videos on latching older babies that you might find helpful.

    It's also possible the pain could be related to a plugged duct. Is it just at the nipple, or in the breast itself?
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    The pain could also be thrush. Can make the nipple painful, red and itchy.

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    Default Re: Pan during BF after I returned to work?

    I agree, sounds like a latch problem, or possibly thrush.

    You don't want to become an exclusive pumper if you can avoid it. EPing is usually a ticket to early weaning, unfortunately. It's just so much work to pump for every feeding, to constantly be cleaning all your pump parts, and your body is not designed to nurse a pump. The hormones that your body releases when you see, smell, and hold your baby are not released in the same quantity to the mechanical device tugging at your nipple. Most EPers begin to struggle with milk supply because of it, and spend all of their time chasing after the numbers they need to hit to keep baby on exclusive breastmilk. Or they begin to compromise and feed some formula and some breastmilk. Most EPers who work do not manage to keep EPing until baby is 1 year old, the minimum recommended time for babies to receive breastmilk as their primary source of nutrition.

    EPing sounds attractive when you're in pain. But it's sort of a death by a thousand cuts, it's typically a drawn-out process of defeat to your breastfeeding goals. Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect and compassion for women who are exclusively pumping. It's just that it's an extremely arduous path, and most women fail at it, and it's usually better to think of yourself as the rule rather than the exception.

    Some women have no choice but to be EPers, but it sounds like you have a temporary, manageable problem. I'd see a lactation consultant to figure out what the problem is and treat it. I personally would not give up on breastfeeding without fighting as hard as possible to preserve that relationship. It's kind of dangerous to think about EPing, because it seems easier than BFing with pain, but it is easily triple the work of BFing when the latch is fixed or the thrush is cured.
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