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Thread: 11m old refusing solids- support and tips please

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    Default 11m old refusing solids- support and tips please

    Hi. My 11 m old does not like solids. She loves to nurse and is very chubby and very active and alert so I'm not so much worried about health but am a little worried about her being behind. She still does the tongue thrust when I try to put a spoon in her mouth and will not open her mouth for a spoon/my finger with food on it. She will eat some Cheerios and crackers (but crackers aren't the healthiest) and she isn't too interested in it.

    We have a strong history of serious food allergies in our family. I started her at 9 m on solids and she has never had a bottle. I started my oldest DD on solids at 9m too and she was very slow with solids but at least would open her mouth better. It took DD1 a long time to eat but is totally great at it now. DD1 nursed until 2+ and I'm fine with continuing to nurse DD2 for a long time.

    Is she just not ready yet? It just feels funny that she is basically 99.99% nursing now when I hear about how other babies love food.

    Any tips on what to give- good finger foods, etc?

    Thanks so much,

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    Default Re: 11m old refusing solids- support and tips please

    If your LO will eat finger foods, even if only in small amounts, and is growing and developing normally, I don't see anything to worry about. Lots of kids don't eat more than a token amount of solid food until well into their second year- mine ate barely any solids until around 14-15 months old and it didn't do her any harm.

    Good finger foods:
    shredded soft meats (like chicken from a soup)
    soft noodles
    smushed beans and peas
    soft-cooked chopped veggies (like cheerio-sized cooked carrots)

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    Default Re: 11m old refusing solids- support and tips please

    My 11 month old isn't too interested in solids either! She'll have ups and downs, one week she'll eat plenty of solids (pureed foods) and other days she refuses.
    She enjoys eating her "puffs" which she just discovered not too long ago to put in her own mouth. Before that, she'd only eat them if I put them in her mouth for her. But any other finger food or table food she'll make a face at She has her 2 bottom teeth, but not putting them to use!
    As far as the tongue thrust, you could ask the pedi just to make sure it's not an anatomical issue that is holding her back
    Other than that, it may just be her instinct of letting you know that she's not ready. But you never know, tomorrow she may only want solids. Babies are funny like that...every day is a different baby from yesterday
    Hang in there mama. Keep trying and helping her practice. They'll come around.
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    Default Re: 11m old refusing solids- support and tips please

    My baby hates the spoon. When I put something in her mouth she immediately rubs her eyes and makes a horrible face. I always try to give her finger foods and we do baby-led-solid type foods as much as possible. For instance I'll give her a slice of avocado or banana, or green beans rather than mashing them up and spoon feeding. I know because she is 11 months and almost to that year mark you are more worried, but remember that before a year, food is just for fun and should just compliment breastmilk. It sounds like she's getting plenty of the good stuff, so no worries. If, she turns a year and you still feel she's eating very little solids you could try waiting longer after nursing to offer solids. That's what I would do.

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    Default Re: 11m old refusing solids- support and tips please

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jeannie.bean View Post
    My baby hates the spoon.
    Mine too! That is, he likes grabbing the spoon, sending food everywhere, and then beating on the dogs with it. He just doesn't like eating from it. He doesn't like purees, period.

    Find the things that your baby does like to eat - cheerios? puffs? teething biscuits? food off your plate? - and just start there. Your baby sounds healthy and happy - believe me, I know this is hard (it's hard not to worry), but babies don't really need solids until a year.

    My baby has never been a huge solids eater compared to his peers (although he eats more than he used to). But he recently discovered strawberries, which he is crazy about, and he'll eat small amounts of whatever we're eating, so I'm encouraged by that. He's 25 pounds, nurses all the time, and is very chubby and happy, so he's clearly not wasting away!

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