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Thread: Solids and bottle

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    Default Solids and bottle

    My DD is 8.5 mos old and I work full time. When I'm not at home (9 hrs) she sleeps for 3 hours and eats about 8-9 oz breastmilk. She also eats fruits and eggs, maybe some leftover from her dinners too. When I come home, she nurses every 4 hours until the morning, plus a nice cooked dinner. Night nursing doesnt bother me at all as she nurses and goes back to sleep immediately. I enjoy my night feedings as I can only pump 8 oz a day at work and not more than that anymore...

    I have two questions:
    1- Is it ok that I give my baby solids and have her drink breastmilk together with her solids? Dinner time I do this and I also let my baby sitter do the same for lunch. Or... is it better to offer them one by one? And maybe have a little water with solids instead?
    2- Is 8 oz little bit of breast milk during the day while I'm not home?

    Any advise is geatly appareciated. thanks!

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    Default Re: Solids and bottle

    I don't think the timing matters - meaning you can give with or separate.

    I don't think water is strictly necessary, just practice for the sippy cup.

    My son needs 12oz while I'm gone, but that's because he sleeps through the night and we're lucky to get 3 nursing sessions in while we're together on a work day (and that 3rd one I wake him up for before I go to bed). But it sounds as though you nurse more often than we do when you are together, so 8oz may be plenty for your daughter.

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Solids and bottle

    Eight ounces sounds about right to me. Around nine months, I started leaving only two bottles for my baby for my nine hours away at work. Now it's only one. My DH stays home with him, and emphasizes solid foods, other liquids from a sippy, and occasionally gives him some cow's milk. Like you, we're nursing all night long (more like every two to three hours). So I'm confident he is getting PLENTY of breastmilk!

    At this age, I don't think it matters as much whether you give breastmilk before, with, or after solids.

    However, I'm curious - are you giving your baby a bottle to drink alongside her dinner when you're home? I avoid doing that, because I don't want to pump any extra beyond what I provide for the time when I'm gone. So when I'm home, breast is the only option for breastmilk. I often give Joe water in a sippy to play with (he hasn't really figured out drinking from it) while he eats, but offer the breast before and after his dinner.

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