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DS1 has multiple food allergies.

I was nervous about starting solids with DS2 .... but did start at 6 months doing "baby led solids".

We're taking it slow and using this info to help us with the process of introducing solids.

So far baby hasn't shown any signs of food allergies, but we haven't yet done any of the highly allergenic foods yet.

Baby is now 8 mo old and turns out to be a major chow hound. I'm sure baby would like to go faster with solids but we're keeping it slow.

FWIW - the TENDENCY to have allergies is inherited and NOT the specific allergy. DH and I have no family history of FOOD allergies but I've got lots of environmental allergies. This means DS2 has a good chance of having some sort of allergy, but not necessarily foods like his big brother.
Thanks for the link. Its going to be helpful.