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Thread: Skipping the night pumping

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    Default Skipping the night pumping

    My 11 week old just started to sleep through the night. I usually wake up to pump (I work FT and must pump for bottles) once at night but would like to sleep all night now. If I skip this pumping, will my supply decrease even if I keep up the daytime pumping routine?

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    Default Re: Skipping the night pumping

    Well, eleven weeks is a bit early to STTN (in my experience, but then, my one year old has yet to sleep through the night!).

    Some other mothers will likely weigh in here, but my gut reaction is to continue the night pumping for another couple of weeks at least, until you've hit that three to four month point, when your supply should be well established and flexible. It's always nice to have an extra freezer stash, and it's always easier to decrease your supply than to increase it.

    I have friends who continued to pump every night (after the baby's bedtime, but before their bedtime) for the whole first year, to maintain their supply and pump enough for their babies. It's a pain, yes, but worth it if that's what you have to do.

    For myself, my supply was high enough that I never had to pump at night to make enough bottles for my baby during the day (I had no problem pumping enough milk every day for the next day). But I didn't start back at work until about 15 weeks. (ETA: Also, my baby never slept through the night! Night nursing helps keep your supply a lot higher. Supposedly nursing at night actually increases your prolactin levels more than nursing during the day. That's just something for you to be aware of - babies who STTN are a great blessing, of course, but you may have to work just a little harder to maintain your supply once you night wean!)

    So I would say get things really well established, then keep up the pumping for a few weeks after that, and THEN consider backing off.

    Hope this helps! You're doing great!!
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    Default Re: Skipping the night pumping

    My son started sleeping through the night @ 8 weeks. I was having oversupply issues anyway (had already started block feeding), so even though he slept, it took me probably 1-2 weeks to be able to get my breasts in sync with him.

    Then I went back to work @ 11 weeks, and he started waking up again

    Probably STTN for good around 15 weeks, with the occasional hiccup for teething or illness. My personal advice would be to NOT pump, as long as your supply is good or better than good normally; low supply would make me tell you to keep on for a while.

    As far as your daytime pumping, whether you pump at night shouldn't have that much effect. Your body makes milk when you tell it to make milk - not just total amount over the day, but from one part of the day to the next. My son is almost 9 mos, and my daytime pumping supply has been fine this whole time (except for now that I'm PG, but that's for another thread...).

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Skipping the night pumping

    First off, you said you need to pump for bottles for work. First thing is if you skip your pumping session and don't get that milk anymore will it short you? I work full time, DS is 6 mos and if I skip my night time pumping session I would never make enough to cover while at work. He eats about 15 oz while I'm gone and I only pump 4.5-6oz. So I have to pump at night and on days off to always have enough. I tried going without the night time session for about 2 weeks and after about 1 week my supply adjusted and I wasn't getting that 3 oz I normally had. So I was back to getting up in the middle of the night to pump again.
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