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Thread: In regards to donating BM from pumping..

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    Default In regards to donating BM from pumping..

    There is this new organization near me called GetPumped! which gives breastmilk to families in need. It's something I really want to donate to once Katelyn is born and I am producing milk again.

    Knowing I probably won't pump more than half an ounce-ounce in one sitting for a while.. is it okay to mix milk from different pumping sessions? (I imagine it would just be 1 bag per day of pumping sessions...)

    Not sure on the protocol here since I didn't do a lot of pumping with Carli. Also would I just store all pumped milk in the fridge for the day, and then when that day is complete, put in freezer?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Default Re: In regards to donating BM from pumping..

    what a great thing to do

    you can mix milk collected from one day together, but you really shouldn't mix a few days worth. Also, storage amounts of 2-3 ounces are preferable as that's usually all that a breastfed baby will take at one time, and you don't want to have leftovers, kwim?

    Here's a link on breastmilk storage: kellymom - milk storage

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    Default Re: In regards to donating BM from pumping..

    I don't know what the "offical" word is on storing multiple days worth of milk in one bag, but I certainly do it all the time! I am very careful about putting the OLDEST milk's date on the bag. Otherwise, I don't see the big deal about it.

    I am donating milk to a milk bank and they will thaw out all of my milk and mix it with many other women's milk. So what would be the big deal if more than one day's worth is in a bag? It will all get mixed together anyway!

    However, I would highly recommend contacting this organization to see what their requirements are.

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    Default Re: In regards to donating BM from pumping..

    Have you contacted the organization? They may have their own standards for milk handling and storage. That's wonderful that you are going to donate your milk!

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