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Thread: Is it too late for me?

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    Lightbulb Re: Is it too late for me?

    I had a 36-week baby on March 28, at first, being premature she had trouble with the latch, she just wouldn't do it, then at the hospital they showed me the breast shield trick, and it just did the whole difference. I used breast shields for two weeks because, even if I tried, she just couldn't latch. Then one day, she was able to do it, and we got rid of the breast shield. Now I'm exclusively breastfeeding and bed-sharing (which makes the difference for night feedings, you are not exhausted all day and your LO eats more often).

    So I recommend you try the breast shields and keep up with the good work. Trust me, there is nothing like feeling your baby feed from you, and know she's thriving. GO FOR IT!

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    Red face Re: Is it too late for me?

    Well... sorry this is so late in the game, but I just wanted to share why I disappeared for a while. If you've read these messages then you know that I was having trouble with my supply (no one around me believed me--but I was!). Sometime in July, I gave up. So in August, I started getting TERRIBLE headaches, went to the doctor, and found out that I'm three months pregnant! That's why my supply dropped! I never thought to check about being pregnant since I was nursing, on birth control pills, and had just given birth in April. Well, this baby is due April 20, 2011, and I'm for sure going to breast feed this one, and may even be able to get my future 1-year-old to take some milk, too! Thanks again for all your support!
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    Default Re: Is it too late for me?

    Wow! Congratulations.

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    Default Re: Is it too late for me?

    Keep in mind, breastfeeding works on supply and demand. You need to continuously build that supply up by either pumping or breastfeeding. I encourage you to breastfeed before you bottle feed your son. After he is done with his feeding, I would also pump to empty the breast completely. I have also heard many great things about the Lact-Aid supplementer.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*matadors.mama View Post
    Sorry this is long, but I'm at a loss!
    My son is currently two weeks and 5 days old.
    I BF'd my son for about a week. We couldn't get the latch right, and my breasts hurt so bad that I stopped BFing and started exclusively pumping with a double electric pump (evenflo). After a few days of pumping, my milk supply started to decrease, and we had to start supplementing with formula. After a day or two, I gave up and put him completely on formula.

    It's been about a week since I've breastfed or pumped or anything. I really want to try to BF again. I tried it this morning, and he latched fine on both breasts and sucked for about 5 minutes before crying (I assume because there's very little milk in there).

    Is there still hope for me to breastfeed? Can I get my supply back up or has it been too long? Should I just let him try to BF before each bottle feed until he doesn't need the bottle anymore?

    Thanks so much in advance, I'm really hoping this can work!

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