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Thread: How many times does your infant nurse?

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    Default How many times does your infant nurse?


    I am a little concerned about my dd not eating enough. She gets breast milk in a bottle. She usually drinks 5 times in a day totally ~660ml of milk (22oz). She is on the small side, 3.5 mths and probably weighs about 11-12lbs. Her weight gain at the 3mth visit was in the 25th percentile. To get her to drink 22oz in a day in itself is a challenge so i cannot see her drinking any more. The main problem is she stopped eating at night and goes without anything from 10PM to 9AM.


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    here's a link that has useful information...

    if your dd has plenty of wet diapers, i wouldn't be too concerned. do you co-sleep with your dd? or is she in a bassinet nearby? my 4.5 month old dd still wakes up at least once a night to nurse. you can try and bring your dd into bed with you sometime in the middle of the night (maybe 5am or so) to try and nurse her. when i nurse my dd in the middle of the night, she keeps her eyes closed, so she's not fully awake...awake enought to latch on and eat!

    this website should answer some of your questions, too..

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    I actually took a look at this link prior to my post. I used to feed her in the middle of the night but these days she is so sound asleep that she might only take 30 or 50ml. She feeds best in the morning (~9AM) and at lunch (~1PM). She is ok at 4PM but 8PM is harder and 10PM (sometimes she falls asleep too much to drink. She does have thrush and i wonder if its bothering her and making her drink. She has wet diapers at basically every change ~5-6 times and poops once or twice (large) daily.

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