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Thread: Am I not feeding enough?

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    Default Am I not feeding enough?

    I just started solids with my DD. I always give her the breast first then I offer solids. Well it seems after a few bites she just wants to go back to the breast. Does that mean she is not ready? I am too afraid to try BLS, but it looks so fun! What should I do? Just let her have the breast as much as she would like and just keep trying solids? I am clueless.
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    I would not worry about it!! I would just let her eat what she will with the solids. They are not required now anyway!! My DD just really picked up on the solid intake about a month ago and boy can she eat now!! Prior to that it was hit or miss depending upon the day. So anyway I say just go with it! She will pick up soon enough!!
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    Sounds fine to me. Until your baby turns 1, try to think of solids as a fun game. If she eats some- great! If she tastes some and then spits everything out- great! At least she tried it. If she won't open her mouth and prefers to squish the solids around with her hands- great! She got a valuable learning experience.

    So just keep her on the breast as much as she wants and continue to offer solids.

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