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Thread: LO prefers bottle

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    Default LO prefers bottle

    I went back to work (FT) this week and DH feeds baby bottle all day long. Want to nurse when I get home in evening but LO no longer seems interested. Can i get her back to nursing again? She nursed wonderfully for 9 weeks. It is difficult when I have her alone to have to pump and bottle feed her when I used to be able to just nurse her. (And I miss it!)

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    I worried and worried about this possibility, although it didn't end up happening for us much.

    One thing I found looking for ways to avoid it was to really have whoever is giving a bottle try as hard as they can to mimic the timing / patterns of nursing. So, use the lowest flow nipple you can find (we switched to the PlayTek stage 1 after finding the medela slow-flow to be WAY too fast), try to hold the bottle so that the weight of the milk doesn't drive it all out faster, and enforce pauses in drinking that roughly mimic the pattern of letdowns a baby has while nursing - you can bounce / burp the baby during these pauses.

    There are specific instructions floating out there online for "how to bottle feed a breast fed baby", although I can't remember where they are at this point...

    Oh! And, another thing is to be careful with amounts. Breastfed babies usually don't need as much at a time as a forumla fed baby, and it doesn't scale up with age the same way, either (instead, the milk becomes more dense). My daughter usually got 3 oz bottles, and if she clearly wanted more it she'd get another 1 or 1.5oz. During growth spurts it would sometimes increase a bit, but that was the base amount. This does vary from baby to baby, but the more you're careful that the baby isn't being overfed milk while you're gone, the more your baby will still want to nurse once you're home.

    And, finally, we 100% stuck to a "no bottles when mommy's home" rule. If despite this she's still not nursing much when you expect her to in the evenings, you might want to consider pumping during those times while you're working on the other aspects, just to make sure you maintain a supply then so it won't be frustrating for her when you get going again....

    Ok - those are my thoughts! I hope some are useful...!

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    Default Re: LO prefers bottle

    There are a few things you could try:

    - Offer her expressed milk through dropper or syringe instead of bottle. That way she can get all of her sucking needs met at the breast.

    - If she's using a pacifier, try discontinuing it's use until she is nursing well.

    - Hold her skin to skin as much as possible.

    - Have your husband try not to feed her right before you get home. If she's hungry when you arrive at home she's more likely to nurse.

    - Try bathing together. The warm water helps calm both of you and she may latch on her own.

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