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Thread: freestyle - when do you replace valves?

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    Default freestyle - when do you replace valves?

    I was wondering if I need to occasionally replace the valves in my Medela freestyle pump?

    If yes - how often?
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    Default Re: freestyle - when do you replace valves?

    I used a PISA and wondered the same thing. I asked Medela customer service and they said there is no reccommended time frame. But if you notice they are thinning, tearing, or if you are losing suction, then you'd want to replace them. I never replaced mine, I pumped for a little over year, I had 2 sets of parts though.

    ETA: Ooops...sorry, I thought you said the membranes.
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    Default Re: freestyle - when do you replace valves?

    I replaced the plastic valve when it wasn't sealing properly. I could feel a decrease in suction if I didn't hold the valve in a certain way.
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