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Thread: Engourement and let down

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    Default Engourement and let down

    I just had my 3rd child three days ago. I believe my milk has started to come in . My breast are both hard as rocks. When will my milk start to let down. My son can latch on fine and will he nurse for up to an hour each session. They only time I feel he is getting anything is within in the first 5 mins. Is something wrong with me? Why wont my body let down the milk.

    In lots of pain,

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    Congrats on the birth of your new bub.
    Had the same problem with my first baby. Tensing up and not relaxing inhibits let down so maybe try some relaxation techniques. I know easier said then done especially with 2 more little ones around.
    Try a warm washer over the breast while you feed as this can help letdown.
    If engorgement is getting over the top I was told with my 2nd child to fully express my breasts if they hadn't settled within 24hrs. This turned out to be wonderful advise as it automatically settled down my supply and I had about 200mls of colostrum rich milk in my freezer just in case.
    Also if bub isn't attached right let down can be affected. You could try hand expressing before feeding so bub can get a really good latch.
    Hope things get better for you soon.

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    Engorgement is more than just the filling up of your breasts with milk. It is also edema and vascular congestion. This LLL website has a good description of engorgement along with some potential solutions. Expressing milk is highly recommended, because, as I stated before, the problem is not just the amount of milk in your breasts, and relieving the pressure from the milk will help with edema. This source is very technical, but well worth the read.

    I had some significant problems in the early weeks with engorgement and mastitis. The LC I saw told me not to express milk because it would only increase my supply. I waited and waited and ended up with a severe case of mastitis. When I finally talked to my doctor (which I should have done in the first place and will never recommend this LC!) he suggested expressing. I did, and the problem started to receed.

    Take care of yourself. Rest when your baby rests. Avoid mastitis!

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    My LLL always says to just express enough to take the edge off for you and that doing so won't increase your supply.

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