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Thread: 1st Time Mom needs some milk production help!!

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    Question 1st Time Mom needs some milk production help!!

    I was lucky enough to give birth to my BEAUTIFUL baby girl on 4/20. We had latching issues from day one! The lactation consultant tried her best but it seemed like nothing we tried has worked and my nipples became cracked, blistered and sore- so I pumped from the day we brought her home. I have rented a good hospital grade pump- Symphony by Medela. I was producing milk fairly well (about 4 oz per pump and pumping every 3-4 hours and able to freeze 4oz or so everyday) just exclusivly pumping and I'm commited to giving her breastmilk or else I would have given up when we got home! However I developed mastitis and my production went through the floor. The fever and pain was like nothing I had ever felt, pure misery! I have been on antibiotics for a week now and pumped through out the treatment although I gave my daughter formula to eat after I ran out of frozen milk. The doctor suggested that I pump and dump since the antibiotics in the milk would increase her chances for getting thrush, but as much effort goes into pumping I couldn't bring myself to do that so I have frozen the milk and labeled it differently. Right now I'm pumping about 1 oz every 3-4 hours now; no where near enough to feed her! What can I do to increase my milk supply? I'm worried that it's just going to dry up, especially since she won't latch, and I'll have to give her formula!

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    Have you tried to latch her on again?

    You should be pumping every 2 hours, I think.

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    The best way to increase milk production is to put your baby to your breast. I suggest you call a local LLL to get some help or find an IBCLC (a certification for lactation consultants). It sounds like the LC you had was not useful. If this is something you are choosing not to do then please let us know (or else you'll probably hear this advice over and over). Otherwise I want to say that it can be done!

    In terms of pumping you should be doing that every 2 hours since you are not BF. Most moms I know who have had Mastisis just nurse right through it so I see no reason why you would have to dump your milk.

    In addition to bringing baby to your breast and pumping every two hours there are some other things you can do.
    Put baby skin to skin as much as possible. Babywear.
    Eat oatmeal every day, make lactation cookies, drink Mother's milk tea.
    Try herbs: fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, red raspberry leaf.

    Good for you for giving baby breast milk despite your difficulties!
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    Well, we took Lil Stinker (as my husband calls her) to her ped. yesterday for a check up and she told us that I can give my baby all the milk I had frozen; that the antibiotics in it wouldn't cause any problems- thank goodness I didn't throw it away! Now my fear is that I've finally gotten her stomach used to formula, I'll upset it again going back to breastmilk- and what if I'm not producing enough to feed her once I've gone through the frozen breastmilk (roughly a day or a day and half worths)? I can tell a huge difference in her diapers on formula as opposed to breastmilk and I"m ready to get her back on the good stuff! I asked about the herbs I had read about on here and she was supportive about me trying it. She also suggested that I drink mother milk tea, she had a lot of moms who had success with herbs. I don't like herb tea but I'm willing to try it. So I will be getting that and maybe one or two other herbs today when I go out and I'm eating oatmeal everyday. I ate it alot when I was pregnant and I like it so it's not a burden for me. I'm trying to let her sleep on me as much as possible and we're doing kangaroo care as much as we can. I am going to try and reintroduce the breast, I have a nipple shield to use in case its needed. My biggest fear with reintroduction is that she has gotten so used to the bottle that she won't open wide like she needs to or will bite me instead of sucking. Wish me luck and I'm always open for more advice; thanks for all your help!

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    Certainly give your baby that pumped milk!!! Crazy that your pedi told you that...anyway, BF is supply and demand, we need you to be doing much more stimulation. BF or pump 8+ times a day. Take a bath with baby and just lay skin to skin, take baby to bed for the day and cuddle skin-to-skin. Baby does need supplementation in the interim, but you can easily get milk supply up. Look into taking Fenugreek as well.
    Also, don't worry about upsetting babe's tummy with BM, it is made for his little body, formula is what gives them tummy upset because it is so hard to digest.
    You can do this, it is what your body was made for, and never feel guilty about supplementing when your supply is where it is...first rule is always "feed the baby".

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    Default Re: 1st Time Mom needs some milk production help!!

    Another idea: maybe try giving her the needed formula NOT in a bottle but in an SNS to give your breasts more stimulation and maximizes your baby's breast milk intake?

    When I had low supply problem when my baby was a newborn the SNS (together with all the pumping + oatmeal + fenugreek) helped A LOT so I'm a huge fan of it .

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    I too can't say enough about the SNS. It is a pain in the you know what but TOTALLY worth it. My son had severe latching issues as a newborn and had to be supplemented with formula. ALL sucking was done at the breast. He learned that he got rewarded for latching (formula) and then all that stimulation caused increase milk production.

    One tip with the SNS: Once they get good at latching and are patient for letdown, have baby empty your breasts first. Then supplement with SNS. Empty breasts equals MORE MILK.

    GL to you!

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    I'm sorry, I'm new to the BF language- what is SNS? Also to clarify it was my OBGYN who told me to pump and dump; his intentions were good- didn't want me dealing with a possibly uncomfortable baby (thrush) while I was dealing with a high fever- but I'm glad that I just froze the milk instead of dumping it. I haven't noticed a huge production increase yet but I've only been doing the herb and everything else for just a few days. The bottle of fenugreek (my spelling is off I think) has 180 pills and I'm taking two pills four times a day; breakfast, lunch, dinner and right before I go to bed. If anyone has a better way for me to take them I'm all ears, I make sure that I take them with a little something to eat for absorbtion sake. This bottle, at this rate, will last for 30 days. I've decided to give the herb/oatmeal/pumping an honest try for the full 30 days, I'll NEVER give up on the extra snuggling! I figure if I've not relactated atleast some by the end of it then I probably wont. I haven't given up on her relatching, and I do put her to my breast, but she just seems interested in biting or licking- not sucking. I'm guessing the biting is from being on the bottle for so long; she just doesn't open wide like I need her to so she can suck. So I'm getting about 5-6oz after a full day of pumping, but this is without nursing her. I was getting about 4oz per pump before the mastitis- which is my goal. I will keep checking back for help and encouragement, thank you everyone!

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