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Thread: stopping pumping but got mastitis

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    Unhappy stopping pumping but got mastitis

    I have been exclusively pumping for my DD for 5 months and 2 weeks and the time has come to stop- but I am a bit confused about what I should do.

    I began pumping because I had raynaud's and subsequently have had 3 bouts of nipple thrush and masitis. For the past 2 weeks I have had a really painful left nipple, and then this weekend ( just for my birthday!) I got diagnosed with mastitis and am on anti bi and thrush meds and feel pretty rough.

    After talking it through with my dr, hv, oh I know now is the time to stop as I really want to have some time with my DD when I am not pumping and ill.

    My doc and health vistor have suggested from now on I just remove enough milk to make myself comfortable- and hopefully I will dry up quickly. I have been pumping 4x a day, so I have kept this routine and am pumping about an ounce at each pump.

    I am just a bit concerened that I am doing myself some harm- as all of the advice seems to be to continue nursing when you have mastitis. I may be worrying about nothing- but I don't have a good track record!

    I just wondered what other people's experiences were of stopping and if anyone else has been in a similiar position?


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    Default Re: stopping pumping but got mastitis

    My understanding is that what you should do in a situation like this is to cure the mastitis first, and only then try to reduce supply. So, pump as much as possible until the mastitis is under control, and then taper off by pumping less and less (less milk, less duration) each session. It sounds like you're not a great candidate for cold turkey weaning, so don't try that even after the mastitis is gone!

    Now would probably also be a good time to add a soy lecithin supplement to your diet, and to reduce the amount of saturated fat that you're eating. Both of those things may help prevent/treat mastitis.

    Good for you for EPing for 5 months! That's a hard commitment to hold to even when everything goes perfectly. If you're interested in continuing to some extent, you might want to check out this link: Partial Weaning & Combination Feeding. Lots of moms choose that path when they can't maintain a full supply anymore, or when exclusive breastfeeding just isn't working for them. It has a lot of the benefits of breastfeeding, plus the flexibility of using formula when necessary.

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