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Thread: 6 month old not ready? allergies?

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    Default 6 month old not ready? allergies?

    So I just started my six month old on solids…more like tried it once. This past weekend I tried giving him some organic rice cereal (earths best) mixed with my breast milk (about 1 tbs of cereal and 3 of my milk). Most of it pretty much ended up on the bib, chair or chest. He saw it more as a game, I would “feed” him the cereal with the spoon and most of it would just stay in his mouth since I could see it as he laughed and/or would be spit up when he closed his mouth. This was on Saturday morning. Since then, he has had diarrhea (now its just a very wet stool) and is spitting up. He never spits up, but now every time I nurse him, he spits up. He also had a slight diaper rash. Could he be allergic to the rice cereal? Is the spit up normal, for when babies start eating solids since it’s the first thing they eat? My diet has changed at all…and he has his usual amount of wet diapers, his dirty diaper counts have increased. He does have a milk allergy/intolerance. Any suggestions would truly be welcomed, since I am a first time mom and this is the first breastfed baby in the family. Everyone in my family has already given me an earful for not starting solids way sooner, but I just stood my ground and said I’d wait until he was 6 months old.

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    Default Re: 6 month old not ready? allergies?

    It doesn't sound like an allergy to me. Could just be a coincidence and maybe he's getting sick. Not that I'm an expert or anything but rice is one of those things that is very rare to find people who are allergic to.
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    Default Re: 6 month old not ready? allergies?


    I can't give any personal advice as my DS is only 4.5mos old. First I would like to send for the grief you have been getting around solids. I am already getting that.

    Second, my friend said that as soon as she introduced solids at 6 mos her son broke out in eczma. She ploughed on through and it took 2 mos to settle down (with GP advice of course). Now her DS is nearly 12 mos and all has settled.

    Maybe go and see the doctor so that he can keep an eye on your LO

    Keep us posted as to how you get on with the solids
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    Default Re: 6 month old not ready? allergies?

    I dont know if its an allergy or not, but my DD dindnt eat solids willingly until about 10 months! I know people want to force us into doing things on THEIR timeschedules...but if you think he had a reaction to the cereal, then hold off for antother month.
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    Default Re: 6 month old not ready? allergies?

    I don't think it is an allergy but the fact that your LO is not swallowing means he is not ready.
    my LO is starting to eat some solids now at 11 mos and he's just fine.he has intolerance to dairy too.babies with intolerances tend to eat solids later.
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    Default Re: 6 month old not ready? allergies?

    thanks for ur support, i think he is not ready. i figure i will try to give it to him about twice a week just for "fun" until he seems to ge the habit of it.

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    Default Re: 6 month old not ready? allergies?

    I agree it was probably a coincidence, especially if he didn't swallow. Take it slow, it's great that your son sees it as light and fun. That's exactly what it should be at this age

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    Default Re: 6 month old not ready? allergies?

    Probably not an allergy but you could just hold off for a few weeks and try again!! My DD is almost 9 months and has never really cared for cereal anyway so we just sort of tried it then moved on.
    Don't let anyone pressure you with the whole solid food timeline!! I say they will eat more when they are hungry and they WILL be eating solids eventually period!
    Good luck!
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