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Thread: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

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    you think it is perfectly acceptable for someone to do this with your breasts because it is just too sweet to stop! 'One of the many joys of Nursing a toddler' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ-h7wBNOKI

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*momfor3 View Post
    I was getting concerned that my little guy should start being weaned and he is showing no interest in that happening! He was 2 months early with major medical problems and extreme reflux and doesn't care for cows milk at all. He is almost 18 months old. I was concerned because he wants to nurse but at the same time wants to play and do other things! Any comments or suggestions?
    Hi! You should post your own thread! I would just say, at this age, interest in the breast will ebb and flow. It's easier to set limits on nursing during an independent phase. The behavior you're describing is really normal for this age. At 18 months, Joe nursed all the time, but now he's weaning, all on his own. He has gone through needy phases where he nurses frequently, and very independent phases. If I was planning to wean him rather than let him self-wean, I would at least wait for a less demanding phase.

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    ykynatw...suckle, suckle, blow raspberry on nipple, suckle, suckle...

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    ha i just remembered about the raspberries too, now I get a raspberry if I don't present the boob at the correct perfect angle for her to latch the best way, or if she considers her initial latch was not good enough. She'll try to latch, that wasn't right! raspberry! hilarious, except at night when I really can't see where her mouth is. mom don't poke my eye out, rasbperry!
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    im glad someone else nipples are as pliable!!
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    love these stories. so funny lol!!

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    Miranda likes to switch sides a lot, casue she will nurse for a while, then pop off and say, "this one wet, other one dry" and go to the other side! She will do this back and forth...cracks me up every time!
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    She starts crying while nursing and when asked what's wrong she says "I never want to grow up and be too big for milkies.".
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    She stops nursing and says thank you and you're welcome.

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    Your baby laughs excitedly seeing your boob and says "nuh-nuh!!" and does the baby sign for LOVE <3
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