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Thread: Made it to two!

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    Default Made it to two!

    I wanted to say thanks for all the support I've received on here! My 1st daughter turned two on October 4th

    I was determined to breastfeed but had no idea about the challenges i'd face, what nursing a toddler would be like or if I'd even want to still be breastfeeding at two...

    Now I'm 3.5 months pregnant with my second with hopes to tandem nurse!

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    Default Re: Made it to two!

    Awesome achievement, mama! And congrats on baby #2.
    Coolest thing my big girl said recently: "How can you tell the world is moving when you are standing on it?"
    Coolest thing my little girl sang recently: "I love dat one-two pupples!"

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    Default Re: Made it to two!

    Amazing work mama!!!

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    Great work! Congrats!

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