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Thread: When to introduce what

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    Default When to introduce what

    Ds is over 7 months and we have been introducing new foods every 4 or so days. He eats several vegetables and fruits, and plain oatmeal. I am wondering if there is a resource that kind of guides you as to when to introduce what. Like when to introduce meats and cereal/breads? Thanks!
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    You can try this website http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/. Just click on each different type of food and it should say at the top when to introduce.

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    with above post.
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    At my La Leche League Meetings I was able to check out a great book titled "Whole Foods for Babies & Toddlers" written by Margaret Kenda. It's AMAZING!!! All your questions are answered and it includes great recipes for the whole family. A great resource! Hope you can find it and that it helps. They might sell it through the LLL site as it is endorsed by them. My son is 8 months and I read it all the time for new ideas on what to introduce next and how to do it.

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    It's confusing, isn't it?! Our doula and lactation consultant, who is also a LLL leader, told me how the general thought is to introduce healthy fruits and veggies first (such as avocado, sweet potato, banana), and then move on to iron-rich foods such as meats and lentils, and then go to the grains. That's pretty much what we've been doing. I'm likely going to start giving my son oatmeal or coarsely pureed brown rice next week (he'll be 9 1/2 months). He has lots of lentils and pears or prunes - they help a lot with his constipation issues. Because of that we have to avoid applesauce, bananas, and carrots, unfortunately, but hopefully that will change in time. I'm also planning on giving him split peas, eggplant, spinach, and similar foods soon.

    We've also had to be cautious about possible allergy-causing foods (lots of allergies in the family, my son already has eczema). But I talked with my allergist (I'm finally getting allergy shots myself), and he said the conventional wisdom seems to be swinging back toward introducing some of those foods sooner rather than waiting as long as has been previously recommended. So, we're introducing plain full-fat yogurt, just a tiny bit each day, this week as his only new food to make sure he doesn't react to it. At some point over the next couple of months, we'll very cautiously try stuff like wheat and eggs, too, and cross our fingers he doesn't react.

    Good luck!

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