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Thread: EP When can I drop all or some night pumps?

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    Default EP When can I drop all or some night pumps?

    My son is starting to sleep for 7 hours or so at a time. I exclusive pump and have had issues off and on with milk out put. I have worked so hard to get where I am. I am wondering how and if it is possible to drop night pumpings to get more uninterupted sleep. Will I get double the milk when I wake?Please share your thoughts and what works for you, and if it is possible. My DS is now about 6months old. I'm thinking this will help me to keep pumping past 6 months. Thank you

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    Default Re: EP When can I drop all or some night pumps?

    I dropped my MOTN pump at 12 weeks and didn't have a problem. My DD is 5.5 months now and sleeps 9-10 hours at night and I don't pump during that time. My body just adjusted to it and I pump between 12-14 onces when I get up in the morning. If you have adequate supply then I'd drop the pumps one at a time. I'm down to 4 pumps a day and my body could do 3 pumps but I can't afford to lose any supply right now so I'm sticking with 4.

    I've never had much of a problem with mastitis or clogs so if you have those problems I'd be a little more weary.

    Hope that helps a little....good luck!
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    Default Re: EP When can I drop all or some night pumps?

    I would think you'd be fine to drop it. I'm NO pumping expert, but I would think if you are following the feeding patterns of your son, you should be fine And yes, you should be able to pump out a lot more in the morning though, not sure if it will even out after a while...

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    Default Re: EP When can I drop all or some night pumps?

    I guess try it and don't think it has to be a permanent decision. I think that's my problem with experimenting with dropping a pump session - I think it's a final decision. Drop it for a few days and see what happens. You can always pick it back up (hard as it may be). I stopped pumping at night when my baby was about 6 mos old but she also nurses at night.
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    Default Re: EP When can I drop all or some night pumps?

    Usually when a baby starts sleeping through, what happens is that mom's supply adjusts so that she makes more milk during the day and less at night. This is in large part a function of demand: by demanding more milk during the day the baby trains the mom's body to make more during those hours.

    Since you're EPing, if you drop the nighttime pump sessions you would probably want to mimic a nursing baby's pattern with your pump by pumping more frequently during the day. Which is hard to do- it's not like you're suddenly going to have more hours in your day!

    If you decide to phase out the nighttime pumping, here's what I would watch out for:
    - At first, I am sure you will get a lot of milk in the mornings after going all night without pumping. But as time goes on, you may see the amount of morning output decrease pretty significantly, because supply drops a bit every time milk sits in the breast for a long time. If this means that you're suddenly falling behind in total milk output, it's time to either start pumping again during the night or add more sessions during the day.
    - Once you're going 6 or more hours without nursing or pumping, there's an increased chance that your menstrual cycle will return. This can be a problem because many moms notice a decrease in supply around the time of their period.

    If you do choose to phase out the nighttime pumping and you do see a supply drop, I personally wouldn't consider that to be the end of the road for you as far as breastfeeding is concerned. Lots of moms do some combination feeding at some point, and also at 6 months your baby is likely to start cutting back on his demand for breastmilk as his solid food intake takes off.

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