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    Does anyone have any experiance with taking fenugreek? Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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    Lots of mommies here have used it. In my experience:
    - The stuff you get in pill form from the health food store is a rip-off, and usually not so fresh. Whole fenugreek seed, which you can buy online or at Indian/middle eastern groceries, tends to be cheap and fresh.
    - If your sweat and urine don't smell like maple syrup, you're not taking enough.
    - Some moms find that taking fenugreek makes their babies gassy. I never found that to be the case with mine.
    - Some moms find fenugreek to be effective at increasing supply. I personally thought that frequent pumping with a good pump helped a lot more.
    - Fenugreek is safe unless you have issues with controlling blood sugar.

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    You can take it in a tea too. Breastea.com has a good one with fenugreek and other herbs that help supply. A lot of women say the tea helped up their supplies.

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