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Thread: 3 months and pumping for back to work

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    Default 3 months and pumping for back to work

    I have a 3 month old who still nurses anywhere from 1 to 3 hours (every 2 hours on the dot eat night). On average, he nurses about 12 times a day. His weight is about 12 pounds.
    I'm trying to save up for going back to work and am using the Pump In Style Advanced (checked it out at lactation and they said the pump works fine). I have been pumping on one side while nursing on the other. I'm only getting 1-2 ounces. Is this normal since I assume he is getting 1-2 ounces on the other side? So when I am at work pumping both sides, I should get 3-4 ounces?

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    Default Re: 3 months and pumping for back to work

    Getting 1-2oz from one side at this age is really good. Remember that your baby is more efficient than your pump, so add at least 1-2oz in your mind to whatever you're getting.

    When I first went back to work when my son was 11weeks, he was taking 3.5oz. He went as high as 5-5.5oz, and is now back down to 4.5oz 3x/day (he's away from me for ~10hrs) after starting solids.

    Also when I started pumping during fulltime work, I had a major oversupply because of all the pumping I had been doing at home to store up a freezer stash. I ended up with a freezer full of milk. I realized that I really didn't need it; it's nice to have, but my husband and I almost had to buy an extra freezer because of it.

    It sounds like you are really responding well to the pump. You should be able to supply what your baby needs for the following day on the day you pump. Good luck!
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    Default Re: 3 months and pumping for back to work

    Just wanted to say my experience very much matched the previous poster. Sounds like you're doing great!

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    Default Re: 3 months and pumping for back to work

    Mmm hmmm. Me too. It's probably good to get your supply a little up before you go back to work - it can't hurt, and it acts as "insurance" against the major change in routine that happens when you go back to work. But don't feel like you need a major freezer stash. You don't. In fact, the goal is to pump what the baby drinks the next day, every day. If you are regularly falling short, you need to pump more frequently, or for longer (or both) in order to increase your supply to meet your baby's. So the freezer stash is only for emergencies (for example, you left the milk at work, or spilled it), not for every day use. If you follow this basic rule of thumb, you will be able to keep breastfeeding for a long time, no problem.

    Good luck to you!

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