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    My daughter is 9 weeks old, and is nursing every 2.5 to 4 hours. I'm trying to pump and store some milk for when I leave her for date night! Everytime I pump in between feedings I'm only getting about an ounce. Is there anyway i can produce more to pump? Is it ok to pump an ouce at a time and keep adding to the bottle for about 2 days and then freeze it?
    Thank you for your help

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    yup you can add milk to a bottle

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    I've combined milk from up to 4 different days before. Just make sure it's all the same (fridge) temp first.

    Also, you will get more from the pump first thing in the morning. When I was starting to pump before going back to work, I would pump both breasts immediately to 1hr after whichever feeding was around 8AM (I fed on one side @ the time d/t oversupply). Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of liquids, relax, fenugreek, all the low supply stuff.
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    this is normal. I built up my freezer stash oz per oz. As pp mentioned, just make sure prior to combining that all milk is the same temp and the date is the date of the oldest milk.
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    Thank you!

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