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Thread: The cup after sippy cup

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    Default The cup after sippy cup

    Hello everyone:

    My DD is almost 1, and doesn't like the sippy cup anymore. I'm going to introduce cow's milk soon, but still BF as she wishes. She likes to drink out of a real cup, but only if I hold it. Question is, how do I feed her cow's milk? Hold the cup everytime until she gets it and/or let her try while spilling milk all over? Or get a cup with straw? Hard spout cup? I'm not sure what's best.

    Any advice would be great!
    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: The cup after sippy cup

    Try a straw cup. The take & toss ones are BPA free. My 3.5 yo still likes to use them (even tho he knows how to drink from a regular cup).
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    I would try a straw! Currently my 8.5 mth old actually does better with a straw then a sip cup! I have to hold it for her but she prefers it. With my older DD that was 13 years ago and there were not as many options as today but I had to try several different sip cups to find the right one for her! So maybe you could try out a few although they can get quite expensive! My DD likes the nuby cup the best it has great handles too.
    Good luck!!

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