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Thread: Baby refusing supplement.

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    Oh and I am not taking reglan anymore. My doctor told me if it doesn't start working in a few of weeks it won't work, and with all the risks involved I stopped taking it after no improvement over several weeks.
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    Don't let this define your life as a mother. You have a lot to offer other mothers on here.
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    I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat. I've tried everything to increase supply. If the domperidone that I just started taking doesn't work then I give up trying to increase my supply too. I'll just give my daughter what I have and supplement the rest. You tried everything that you could to increase your supply. What a great mama! Most women would have given up long ago. I think its awesome that you tried so hard. Feeding is just one small part of mothering. Don't beat yourself up about having to supplement. I did and all it got me was a bad case of post partum depression! Keep your head up, hon!

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