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Thread: we "started" today...

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    Default we "started" today...

    So, DD's 6 months 6 days today. We've been delaying solids, one of the reason being because I'm still not sure which way to go: puree or BLS. However something just put me in the mood and we happened to have ripe organic avocados at hand. So after nursing her I sliced off an avocado, put it on a plate and sat down with her. Well she immediate grabbed a bunch in her hand and mushed it around and played with it but at first didn't put it in her mouth. She also watched with great interest as I ate a few slices. Then I decided to smash a teeny tiny bit between my fingers and offer to her, and she sucked it up. Then for the next several minutes she sucked up smashed avocado from my finger (REALLY teeny tiny bits) and from her own fingers, and I could hear her swallowing and she didn't spit it/push it out with her tongue. I nursed her before and after the avocado "meal" but both were really small, 3-minute feedings on one side (well typical of afternoon nursing even without the solid "meal").

    So I was just wondering:

    1/ if I did anything wrong there. I'm pretty nervous since it's our very first time . I'm sure not much actually went into her but some did. Wondering what the poop will be like tomorrow .
    After the experience I asked DH if he thought it was fun and worth the clean-up. He said at this point not really , but that we definitely should try again with a bigger bib around her

    2/ if I should have given her a bit of water to rinse her mouth, or nursing was enough. Do you ladies give your LOs water after their solid meals? My DD doesn't have teeth yet but she's been teething for a while.

    Thanks and sorry for rambling, but it's kind of big for us !

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    Default Re: we "started" today...

    I'm a first timer myself so definitely no expert, but my LO is almost 7 months and we started solids a couple of weeks ago in a similar fashion: her first "meal" was avocado, I smushed some up on my finger but then ended up just giving her slices that she then mashed around/ate/played with/smeared absolutely everywhere.

    Since then she has had avocado a few times, bananas, pears, roasted veggies (various) and some cereal. Other than the cereal, we haven't given her anything that you could really call a puree, it's been more finger food a la BLS. One mama on here suggested that a good way to test whether the food is soft enough for your LO is to try mashing it with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. If so, you're good to go.

    So, I guess what I'm saying is, I don't think you did anything wrong at all, but maybe that's because I did the same thing.

    Regarding the water, I have given her a sippy cup with water or BM, which she sometimes drinks, sometimes not, but I also definitely nurse her before and after. And she has 2 teeth already.

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: we "started" today...

    Thanks for sharing!

    I have a question: do you give your LO her solid meals at the same time at everyone else' in the family? or is it at a different time? Is the food directly from your plate or was it "prepared" just for her? If you let your LO eat at a different time than your own meals, what do you do about her watching/wanting to reach what you're eating (I'm assuming she wants to do that, too, 'coz mine does)?

    Thanks much!

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    Default Re: we "started" today...

    Well, I think the true "purist" way of doing BLS is for you to not put anything in your LO's mouth... to just let your LO do it all herself. But I don't see anything wrong with what you did... my DS will be 6 months officially this Sunday, and we will be starting BLS soon too!

    And when my DD was little, I did try to do her meals at the same time as ours, but it was different with her because I didn't do BLS, I did the traditional baby rice cereal and purees, so that made it difficult to feed her and myself at the same time. I think this time with DS I am going to just put him in his high chair while we are eating supper so he can get used to having family meal time, and put his food on his high chair tray and just let him go at it.
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    Default Re: we "started" today...

    I think you did great and certainly you did everything "right"!! And by that I mean that you listened to your instincts and you read your baby's cues. There really is no right or wrong way to begin, do what comes naturally just like you did. Bravo!

    Here are some fun purees to try:


    That website if full of healthy ideas on ways to give your baby a varied palette.

    I don't see why you can't do purees and BLS together if that's what fits your life. I definatly did a mix of the two with my 3rd baby. It's just supposed to be fun and no pressure for either of you. Make mealtimes and solid foods stress free, relaxed and happy and you set the tone for your child. Plus solids in the first year are for experimentation only so don't worry about how much she is actually eating of it.

    Her poops probably won't change much right at first but once you work up to more solids in a day they probably will slow down and look different.

    Sounds like you had fun this first time, hope you got lots of pics!
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    Default Re: we "started" today...

    Just put her over the potty to poop... For some reason she was straining harder than usual... and there was blood in her stool. Well there was for several days which I suspect was because of allergy to dairy in my diet (yogurt), but there wasn't any more the past 2-3 days, and today there was some again... Not sure if it's still the dairy or the avocado, even though I honestly think VERY little did go into her yesterday. Guess I'll have to stop offering her solids (planned to let her have some avocado again today since she seemed to have fun yesterday) for a while and wait till the blood-stained stools cleared up...

    Thanks ladies for sharing/encouraging!

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