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Thread: 2 week old...comfort nursing??

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    Question 2 week old...comfort nursing??

    Hello! I currently have a 2 week old who has been exhibiting some "different than usual" behaviors today. Up until today, he has been nursing about every 2-3 hours with some 4 hour stretches at night. He has had the appropriate amount (or more) of dirty/wet diapers and his stool seems to be the correct color and consistency. As for today, he has been very fussy. I have given him gas drops, tried burping him, tried the pacifier, tried rocking/walking, tried position changes, but nothing seems to help. He gets agitated and it eventually turns into full on red-faced screaming. The ONLY thing that helps so far is latching him on - he does maybe 4 sucks and he passes out asleep....and he stays asleep as long as he's on or near the breast. The cycle starts over maybe about 15 minutes after I move him. Is this comfort nursing? Am I creating a monster by comforting him in this way??
    Thanks so much for the help!

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    It sounds like your baby may be waking up to the world around him and is finding that his very favorite place is at your breast. It's totally normal, to be expected, and it is perfectly fine and great that you nurse him as much as HE wants. Nursing on-demand is what you should be doing. It could aslo be that he is going through a growth spurt in which case bringing him to breast more is the right thing to do also. A good piece of advice I read in "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" is to offer the breast first. It's easy, it usually works, and if it doesn't you can go from there seeing what may be wrong. Nursing for comfort is totally fine, good, and normal.

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    Do you have a baby carrier? That way he could be content and near you, and you'll have your hands free to get stuff done. I like my moby wrap, but there all different styles here:

    I nursed and carried my baby just about constantly at that age, and she shows no sign of being a "monster." She's 18 months old now, and would much rather run around on her own that let me carry her.

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    Don't worry- you are NOT creating a monster. Your baby is only 2 weeks old, and you need to do what works for him when it comes to comfort. And at this point, there's not much he's interested in at this point other than the breast! When he's older and more developed you will be able to use other methods to comfort him. But you don't need to try to force it to happen- it will just happen naturally.

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