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Thread: Creating Your Username

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    Default Creating Your Username

    If your LLLID is your real name, the first thing you'll need to do is create a username, or alias, for the forums.

    In the green header section at the top of the board, click on the link to your Control Panel. On the Control Panel page, there are three boxes down the left side -- My Messages, My Subscriptions, and My Settings.

    Click on My Settings > My Account > Administer Alias. It will give you the option of creating a new alias or switching from your original LLLID alias to another already existing alias.

    Each user may have up to 3 aliases (including your original LLLID alias). We ask that the alias you use on the forums doesn't include personal identifying information (like your full name).

    If you have any questions about changing your alias, please PM me.
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    Updated this since the Alias link moved.

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