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Thread: Reflux and Milk Production

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    Hi. First off, I'm new. My name is Tess and I have an almost 7 week old son, Kyan.

    Kyan was diagnosed with Infant Reflux this week after a few Dr's appointments and an X-Ray of his Upper GI. Anyways, for those two days I couldn't really breastfeed him because we had to hold food for 6 hours prior to the test, which meant that he didn't eat from midnight the night before until after the test at 8 a.m. the next morning. Being there waiting for the results and then taking him to the Dr.'s left no time for me to breastfeed or pump. I'm worried because I think that now since I couldn't express the milk that it's drying up. This is my first child and therefore my first attempt at breastfeeding so I'm not sure. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it. I wish to continue to breastfeed him for as long as he'll take it and I'm able to. Thanks alot!

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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new little one!

    You should will be just fine with such a short break in nursing. What you need to do now is continue to nurse on demand as frequently as possible, and possibly pump in between feedings to build your supply back up. Why do you think it is drying up? Are his diaper outputs less than before? You should stop all supplementing and put him only to breast for feedings ... milk production works on a supply and demand basis and will come back up to the level necessary to provide him with the milk he needs. Our bodies are pretty smart that way.

    You also might want to check out the following links for more information:

    Is My Milk Supply Really Low?
    Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?
    How Can I Increase My Milk Supply?
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    Also, some helpful information on reflux and the breastfed baby:

    Reflux and the Breastfed Baby

    Hope this helps! Post back and fill us in a little more on why you think your supply is lowered, as well as how often you are nursing, what his diaper outputs are like and if you are supplementing (feeding by bottle) at all. That should help all of us give you more specific advice.

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    Well, I was really engorged when I came home both of those two nights so I breastfed him in the evening and then the next morning since he's begun to sleep nights and doesn't wake up as frequently for feedings (he usually goes from 10:30 or 11 until 6 or as late as 8 a.m. for the past week). Today when I was breast feeding he just seemed like he was really fussy. He'd nurse for a while perfectly fine and normal and then later on he'd suck and then cry and then suck and cry and I thought maybe he wasn't getting enough. I tried to listen for his swallows but it's hard to judge him sometimes, and he spit up a little bit so I knew he was getting some, but it was really hard to measure. I basically breastfed him for 45 minutes just to make sure he got ample time on each side. Usually he goes for 15 minutes on each side.
    I can't stop supplementing. The Dr said to avoid putting him on any type of medication for the reflux I would have to supplement him with 2-3 ounces or more of Nutramigen concentrated formula and 1-2 Tablespoons of rice cereal. Luckily I can get away with doing this 2-3 times a day and breastfeed in between but sometime was just off today. I usually don't worry too much about it but today I felt really 'red flagged' about it.

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