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Thread: Any Good Books?

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    My DS is 4months and at his doctor's appointment today our pediatrician said we could start rice cereal if we wanted so he could get used to the spoon and textures, etc. I'm in no rush to start solids but I think my LO wouldn't mind the extra yummies... he's my hungry little meatball . Before we get started I wanted to read up and was wondering if there were any good books that would be helpful!

    Thanks in advance mommas!

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    I don't know of any good books but I do LOVE this website full of yummy home cooked foods for your baby to preschooler.


    She has tons of inventive combos to introduce many tastes to your baby. Scroll down the page a bit and look on the right hand side and see the heading "popular tags". There is a section for baby food recipes.

    Also I'm sure you know and are going to be told tons on this site that the AAP, the WHO, the CAP, and UNICEF all recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and then to introduce first foods after this. There is evidence that exposing the infant gut to solids too early can cause allergies. But more mommas would have more info on that than I do and you will have your own opinions too. Just thought I'd throw that in there...
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    I'm also drawing a blank on books, but these are useful webpages:
    Is my baby ready for solid foods?
    How do we get started with solids?
    Why Delay Solids?

    I would also search the solids forum for threads on baby-led solids- lots of interesting info on skipping the spoon and going right to self-feeding!

    ETA: Just one last note- solids aren't really "extra" when it comes to the baby's diet. Every time you feed your kid solids, you're replacing some breastmilk that he would have eaten. Since breastmilk is the healthiest stuff your baby's ever going to eat, it makes sense to try to maximize the intake of breastmilk, and keep solids relatively minimal in the baby's diet, especially at first.
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    Baby led weaning by gill rapley ( weaning doesn't mean weaning in this book it just means starting solids along with BM or formula, it's from the uk)is the book we read and loved it... we followed our LO cues( around 6 months) sitting up on own unassisted, wanting food grabbing it off our plates... but she mostly played with it and didn't actually eat anything till 7.5 months. also i read up on rice cereal and found it wasn't for us, so she's never had it( we did plain yogurt first) and she hated puree's so thats why we went the baby led solids approach
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    Four months is still very young. Momma1 gave a lot of good links. There is a lot of research that shows delaying solids to 6 months is better for baby. In my experience starting earlier than 6 months just causes unneeded stress! But, when you do start, I love wholesomebabyfood.com

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