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Thread: Average intake?

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    Hello! I am exclusively pumping for my 7.5 month old (nursed for 4 months but gets bottles at daycare and likes them better ). I work full-time. My DS consumes about 35 oz (give or take a few) in a 24-hour period in the form of 5 oz bottles. This includes one 4oz bottle overnight (which would be nice to phase out in the near future ). He is of average weight (probably a little over 17 pounds now) and just starting to crawl and just seems really hungry! He has three small "meals" per day of fruit/veggie puree with some oatmeal cereal mixed in and and maybe a few "puffs" or Cheerios. Should I consider increasing his bottles to 5.5 or even 6 ounces? Or increase the solids intake?

    Also - as his solid food intake increases over the next few months, how will his breastmilk (in the form of bottles) intake change? I'm curious as I hope to continue to pump for as long as possible (some days are easier than others!) as well as freeze as much as possible so I might be able to stop pumping a month or so early and use the frozen milk. Any feedback from other exclusive pumpers would be helpful. Thanks to all!
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    I think you would expect your baby to decrease breastmilk but that will still be his primary source of nutrition till he's 12 mos. I understand about wanting to quit early but maybe just cut back some so you still pump but just twice a day or something by 11 mos so that way you still have something to offer him. My baby 9 mos/17 lbs breastfeeds (poorly) and I also pump but only get about 15 oz of milk for her pumping 5-6x/day. I would probably not increase his milk intake at this age but that's just my opinion. Give him good nutritious homemade solids and 24 oz or so of milk. I'm sure you'll get some other advice that will be better, too. You're doing a beautiful job for your baby!
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