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Thread: no let-down

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    Default no let-down

    i've never felt my milk let down... i know some women never do.. but i was wondering if this was due to a low supply? will i eventually feel it when i have more milk?

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    Here is some really helpful advice from kellymom.com:

    Some mothers never feel let-down, and some stop feeling the let-down sensation as time goes by. This does not necessarily indicate that let-down is not taking place.

    Reliable signs of a healthy, functioning let-down include:

    In the first week or so, mother may notice uterine cramping during letdown.

    Baby changes his sucking pattern from short and choppy (like a pacifier suck) at the beginning of the feeding to more long, drawing, and rhythmic a minute or so into the feeding.

    Mother may have a feeling of calm, relaxation, sleepiness or drowsiness.

    Mother may have a strong sensation of thirst while breastfeeding.

    Baby is swallowing more often. A swallow sounds like a small puff of air coming out the baby's nose and you can usually see the muscle moving in front of the baby's ear, giving the baby the appearance of his earlobes subtley wiggling.

    Hope this helps!

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    If it helps you feel better, I have never felt a let-down either and my son's almost 7 months now and growing beautifully!

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    thanks... things must be a-okay then cause i do get really thirsty when i nurse, the baby does change her sucking patter from short and choppy to long, and i hear a lot of swallowing and good news.. i skipped a feeding and pumped while daddy gave her a bottle and i pumped 4 oz.!!! my supply has definately increased, i'm so happy!

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