One of my husband's co-workers and his wife have a 5 month old daughter that is very tiny. The doctor is very worried because she has not doubled her birth weight and is now refusing formula. I think failure to thrive was mentioned. She is a little under 11 lbs now and was 6 lbs 6 oz when she was born. The doctor suggested trying to relactate and/or using donor milk. The mom is on the fence about donor milk but is going to try to relactate. She called me asking for help. I read the chapter about inducing lactation in the BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK and gave her the information. She has never breastfed and this is her 3rd child. I did tell her that it will take dedication on her part and she is willing to put forth the effort even if she doesn't get a full supply. She is getting a Medela PISA tonight to start pumping. She has tried to put her baby to her breast once but it was when the baby was fussy and didn't go well. She has been taking bottles since birth but does not take them well. I thought about suggesting she quit bottles and use a spoon, cup or syringe. Should she use an SNS? I suggested power pumping once at night and once in the morning. Is it realistic that she can get a full supply or at least some supply after 5 mths? I know adoptive mothers have breastfed but was that with Rx medicines? Her pediatrician said she would prescribe anything needed to help relactate. I suggested the pumping and putting her baby to her breast as much as possible to start and told her to look into some herbal remedys first.