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Thread: Problems with Right Side

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    My baby is almost two weeks old and still showing a strong preferance for the right side.....I think it started due to the nipple being flatter on that side....but now that the initial days are over as is engorgement, they appear the same yet my son is still not fully attatching to that side. He feeds very well on the left....but pushes away at the right, or , simply semi-attatches to where I know he's getting milk as it is coming out around his mouth...but feels totally different and I can easily pull him off where as on the left I need to use my fingers to insert in the mouth to pull him off.... he usually fights at the right side for several minutes...sometimes up to ten or so before he even does a feeble attempt at actually feeding.....

    any ideas as to what I can do? The only thing at this time that has even SOME results is pumping in the morning...then I get a few semi decent feedings...but again, not great like the left. I'm not sure why the pumping even improves it???? But it's not much improvement ....just some

    I know I'm rambling......I never had a problem with my first two kids.....

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    It sounds like your LO is a smart little person who quickly discovered what he likes and how to get it! The only things that I can think of that may help are to trick him into thinking he's still on the left by keeping the baby in the same position on both breasts- if he associates laying on his right side with being on the left breast, keeping him with the right side down may fool him into thinking he is still on his favorite breast- and to start more feedings on the less favored breast. Babies sometimes feed more willingly on the less favored side when they are too hungry to be picky.

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    I'm a FT(new)M so can't offer help but can offer
    Baby Girl "Piper" born Feb 12th, 2010. She is a true blessing!

    And a baby who is now an Angel in Heaven Feb 7th, 2008.

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    I had this exact same problem with my DS. It took about a month or so to fix but all I had to do was be persistant about feeding on that side. offer it just as much as you do the other. Feeding on the right side may be messy for awhile but he'll get over it after a while. We are almost 5 months into breastfeeding and DS is a pro on both sides and feedings are not messy anymore. Just be persistant. Good luck!

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    hello luv - i had exactly the same problem. my boy is now 10 weeks and feeding like a champ from both sides. this is what i did:

    1. keep on giving him the right breast and pump after he finishes with it to build up supply and give him the rest in the bottle or cup

    2. to latch him on the flatter nipple i used latch assisst from lansinnoh and wore nipple formers by medela.

    what happened was that connective tissue of the nipple got all messed up and the nipple started to stick out properly. Overall feeding was and still sometimes is slightly painful; as the nipple is smaller but we are doing greaT. there's brilliant link one of the ladies gave me on this site about loopeside boobies (kellymom site). it should be on one of threads from march i think.

    good luck, you will get it right!


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