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Thread: Pumping - How to stop the midnight session?

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    Hello ladies I have a 7 week old and I am strictly pumping. My milk supply is great so I am looking to cut out the middle of the night pumping session. Any suggestions on how I do this? I contacted my local hospital's lactation department and the advice they gave me did not work! They told me to halfway empty my breasts right before bed (implying an empty breast would trigger milk to come in). I did this by pumping only about 8-10 minutes and woke up at 3am to excrutiating pain. I had to deal with swollen milk ducts 3 days! I am afraid to try this again so I was looking for any suggestions!

    FYI - My last pumping session of the night is between 9-10pm and the first morning session is around 6am. My current middle of the night session falls between 1am-2am.


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    Default Re: Pumping - How to stop the midnight session?

    I wouldn't be trying to cut it out right now, but maybe try shifting it back an hour or so every couple of days. You really don't want to cold turkey any sessions, if you can help it. Engorgement and plugged ducts are no fun!

    (the disclaimer being that I have never been a pumper; this is just what worked for me when I was trying to drop nursing sessions)

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