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Thread: nursing after solids

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    Default nursing after solids

    DD has started the strangest thing in the last month or so. She'll happily eat her solids at dinner (and sometimes lunch, I admit I'm not very reliable on always feeding her solids at lunch), drinks from her sippy cup, and then she's done. All the signs of being full, refuses to eat any more, and when she's let down out of the chair.. she wants to nurse. Immediately. She cries and cries like she's starving to death.

    What gives?

    My mom pointed out that myself and my brothers never came up for just a sip of milk, DD will just take a few gulps then off to play again, bye.

    Oh. She's 10 months now. And learned to clap last week, so this last week I've gotten for very good milk. LOL

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    Default Re: nursing after solids

    Even though I nurse before solids, my lo does this too. As soon as he is out of his highchair he wants to nurse. Totally normal. For my lo I think he is just connecting with me for a minute.
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    Default Re: nursing after solids

    Yep, my dd always wanted to nurse after solids.
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    Default Re: nursing after solids

    Baby sometimes likes to stop and take a nursing break in the MIDDLE of eating dinner. Then will go right back to chowing down on solids. I just figure it's his favorite drink.
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    Default Re: nursing after solids

    Mine is 23 months, and still likes to nurse right after eating even though she has water and drinks it.
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    Default Re: nursing after solids

    Thanks for the input, I feel a lot better about it now. I was all thinking something was wrong! Silly me.

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    Default Re: nursing after solids

    My 10 month old does this. I just always figured he was thirsty. He doesn't like his sippy cup much and needs a drink after a meal same as the rest of us.

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