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Thread: Vomitting after solids?

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    Question Vomitting after solids?

    Baby Belle is 7 months old, and here's what's up:

    At 5 1/2 months we tried solids, she wasn't really into it, so we stopped after about a week of trying.

    At 6 1/2 months we tried again, with mushy banana. She puked 9 times that night, we took her to the ER, they said it was just a virus...

    A week later I tried again, with pear&pineapple baby food puree and a Ritz cracker. She stayed with my sister-in-law for a little while, had a severe case of separation anxiety and SCREAMED for a 1/2 hour until we got back, and puked 2 times.

    A week later I tried again, with a Ritz and a graham cracker, some banana, and some sweet potato. Note: she didn't really "eat" but rather just tasted some of everything... she puked 2 times.

    I took her to the doctor, he doesn't think it's allergies, just a weird virus that is hanging on and only manifests when she eats solids. Hmm. I don't think that sounds quite right. Wondering if anyone else had these problems? We're waiting a month before we try ANY solids again!

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    Default Re: Vomitting after solids?

    hard to say ... when you try again I recommend giving ONE food so you can help figure out if its a reaction of some sort
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    Try just one food, one that is unlikely to be reacted to and is mild on the stomach, and then try to avoid new or upsetting experiences for the rest of the day. You might also consider starting probiotics, as they can be helpful with digestive issues as well as recovery from digestive viruses, if that is, indeed what's going on (though I agree it seems unlikely).
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