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Thread: less interested in food?

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    Default less interested in food?

    My little one who just turned 5 months has seemed less interested in nursing lately. He is super distracted by any sound, which I know is pretty normal for this age, so we usually try to go to a quiet place to nurse, but he is also not really acting hungry even at 3- 3.5 hours. Has anyone else gone through this? Could he be naturally spacing out his feedings? Anything I should be doing differently?

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    Oh I sure have been going through it... with now 6 months old DD. Very worrying at times. A lot of the times even in a quiet, semi-dark room (I ban DH from entering the room, and "curse" inside when a firetruck runs by) she only wants to stay like 3 mins. I just end up offering as often as I can and keep my fingers crossed she won't scream and push me away. Others on here have told me it's a phase that WILL pass.

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    My DS is going through this right now and he's 5.5 months! I sincerely hope this WILL pass because I am very nervous about all of this. I am starting back to work full time tomorrow.

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