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Thread: Mums who are relactating after stopping BFing...

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    I am hoping to hear some positive stories on relactating. My story so far...

    DD2 born very good delivery, 2.5 hour labour, just gas and air. Started breastfeeding straight away, but after 5 days gave up due to cracked bleeding nipples despite seeking help from midwives who assured me i was doing it right. I then expressed for the next 5 days but stopped that too as it was such a faff.
    DD2 is now a month old and has been on the bottle for 3 weeks.

    Regretted the decision ever since, and have been doing a lot of reading about relactating, and a lovely woman from the LLL sent me some great info on how to build my supply back up.

    I currently am pumping every 2-3 hours (if I can as I have a toddler), putting my daughter to my breast before she has a bottle (though she seems to get annoyed by this as there;s no milk), then feeding her which in itself takes about an hour, then an hour to settle her, so feel like I am feeding/pumping all the time.

    I know it will be worth it once I've broken through this barrier, Im on day 3 of relactating, and have gone from producing a drop of milk to maybe a teaspoon, though this varies.

    Please post your stories or if you are currently trying to re-establish your milk supply, I could really do with some support/someone to talk to to help motivate me!

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    Default Re: Mums who are relactating after stopping BFing...

    I don't have any experience, but have you tried something like this SNS? http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com...ing-system-sns

    Good luck to you!
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    Default Re: Mums who are relactating after stopping BFing...

    what type of pump are you using? If you use a hospital grade pump you may produce more milk faster. Aslo, are you pumping overntight? Maybe then you wont have the distractions of the older kids...

    good luck, your baby is sooooo young, you can do this!!!
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    i havent got a hospital grade pump, but it is electric and i find it comfortable to use as its padded. i am doing at least one pump at night, i am so pleased to already see results, i am now pumping a little bit more so am keeping positive!

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