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Thread: 3 weeks - dummy ok?

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    Default 3 weeks - dummy ok?

    Just wondering... is 3 weeks to early to introduce a dummy? Will my LO get confused?

    He's doing a lot of comfort sucking - my nipples are in agony.

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    Default Re: 3 weeks - dummy ok?

    Hi there... I just wantd to post quickly and let you know that some will advise against it for good reason.. primarily to not have an ill affect on your supply before it is fully established! .. but I wanted to share my experience... my LO has a huge sucking need and took one fine for nap/bed time - he also has recently found his thumb and now though I am sure some would advise against this as well, am trying to discourage the thumb! IMO I would rather the pacifer.

    In any event, There is some info out there and hopefully someone with links can come by soon to give you better info that just my experience

    Good luck! and congratulations on your new babe
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    Default Re: 3 weeks - dummy ok?

    as someone who has experienced significant nipple soreness/pain - i say do what you have to do to continue the nursing/bonding relationship.

    my 3rd baby was really hard to nurse in the first few months to where i almost quit and would cry and cry. i broke down and gave him bottles and pacifiers to give my aching nipples a break. after my healing was complete i took him off everything but the breast we have never looked back - he is now 7 mos.

    dont feel guilty if this is an option you decide on.


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