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Thread: Finger foods vs purees

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    Default Finger foods vs purees

    The past couple of days I have been giving my LO small pieces of cut up chicken, instead of the pureed chicken. He loves to eat and I am trying to move away from the purees and onto more solid foods as his pincer grasp is great. After a while, he seems to get frustrated and will take a handful of food, which will not all reach his mouth (Thank God!) and appears to want me to feed him w/ a spoon. I love watching him feed himself, but I feel that he was getting more when I fed him w/ a spoon. I always BF first. My LO is almost 9 mos w/ 2 bottom teeth only. Then, I think maybe I am moving too quickly and should continue to offer him his purees more. I always give him his cereal and pureed fruit in the am and he loves this. I offer him tiny pieces of bananas, but this does not seem to satisfy him at all. Am I moving in the right direction and doing this right? I am going to get Gill Rapley's book.

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    Default Re: Finger foods vs purees

    I read Gill Rapley's book and found it very helpful and informative.

    Here is also a very good link/blog about BLS:


    We started BLS about 2 weeks ago and have generally skipped purees (much to my mother's horror ). I do help my LO by sometimes giving her a loaded spoon, so I guess that makes me not a total purist, whatever that means anyhow. I do know what you mean about being nervous about choking and such, but I'm getting more comfortable with it as time goes on and as my LO learns what to do.

    We haven't done chicken or any meat yet, but she has successfully fed herself avocado, banana, pear, sweet potato, broccoli and carrots. She has liked some more than others. I also give her cereal but let her self feed, i.e. I preload the spoon and let her have a go. She is getting pretty good with the spoon, actually!

    I don't know if that helps or not, but that is what we are doing...
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    Default Re: Finger foods vs purees

    If he loves to eat but isn't interested in purees anymore, I would give him chunks/strips of food, especially if he has the pincer grasp. T isn't as interested in purees/being spoon fed anymore but he also doesn't have a pincer grasp (well, technically he DOES but he can't use it to pick things up yet ) so I just feed him the chunks/strips. Every now and then he'll want to hold it himself, and I let him, because I figure he has to learn to hold it and figure out that he can feed himself sometime. lol...

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    Default Re: Finger foods vs purees

    we went straight to finger foods and skipped purees as well. If he doesn't seem satisfied you can always top up with breastmilk when he's done Exploring textures is important so offering a variety of finger foods is a great idea. Giving him 3 or 4 different things on his plate will give him the chance to figure out what he likes, what he prefers, and then when solids become more important after a year he will have a variety of things he will eat

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    Default Re: Finger foods vs purees

    yup and sit together and eat that way you can give him just what he can handle at one time, then he can ask for more.

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    Default Re: Finger foods vs purees

    we skipped the puree's as well and my dd loves it... sometimes she eats sometimes she plays, i know she's done when she throws her food off the tray and she usually has to eat off my plate .. they get better with the pincher grasp very quickly and don't worry that your LO only has 2 teeth, mine still doesn't have any yet still and she does a great job with her gums ( just make sure it's cut to a good size and not to hard)

    something to keep in mind is that your LO's pinky finger is roughly the same size as their windpipe so keep food either bigger or smaller then their pinky(if it's the same size thats when it can plug the windpipe and just sit there and the baby can choke)
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    Default Re: Finger foods vs purees

    my LO is 6 mos (today - ) and last night we had pork steak on the grill. Much to the horror of my 14yo, I chewed some of the meat and then gave it to Mollie. Oh Boy - she loved it, moaning and groaning and carrying on - it was hilarious! The fact that my teen was so grossed out made it even better.
    I reminded him that there were no blenders 150-200 years ago, what did he think they did then and to be glad she wasn't a bird - they swallow their food and then bring it back up for the babies...I don't think he appreciated the lesson

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