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Thread: Questions about BLS

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    Default Questions about BLS

    T will be 6 months in just a few weeks (where has the time gone??) He seems ready for solids now and I admit I gave him a taste of mushed up bananas and although he was like "What is this stuff mom?" he seemed to enjoy it.
    I used a spoon because I'm just not sure how to cut up food to do BLS.

    My mom and I were in BRU yesterday and we went to the purees and I wrote down all the first foods in my phone so I have them. I told my mom I'd do sweet potatoe fries (as I've heard some mamas on here do that with the sweet potatoes) and she said not to do that because T might bite off more than he can chew and choke.
    So now I'm just really unsure about giving him actual food pieces and as much as I didnt want to do purees Im feeling more comfortable with that, until he's a bit older and then change to BLS.

    I didnt plan to start solids until he was 6 months old, but he just seems so ready now. He loves to practice his pincher grasp on me but I havent seen him do it when he's not nursing. He is pretty much sitting up unsupported (I have my hands on him but not holding him up just because he can't sit up by himself 100% yet. He doesn't have the tongue thrust reflex (I gave him a bit of bananas and he didn't spit it back out) and he shows tons of interest in what DH and I are eating/drinking and will usually get fussy/cranky if he's in his exersaucer or playpen when DH and I are eating. So I'm really confused.

    Breastfeeding is just so simple. No worrying about cutting up or pureeing food, or if he's old enough or ready to start. Can I just breastfeed him forever?

    Is there a BLS book that tells you how big to cut up certain foods? or a website?

    At my LLL meeting two leaders suggested that mesh feeder so then I wouldn't have to worry about him choking but they said its a pain in the butt to clean.

    sorry this is all jumbled. DH came home for lunch/to pick something up and I was totally surprised.

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    Default Re: Questions about BLS



    awesome blog

    the author of the guidelines doc is British, so "weaning" = "starting solids" and NOT "ending breastfeeding"

    I HIGHLY recommend taking an infant CPR class before starting solids - check your local community center or a YMCA

    Last night at dinner my 7 mo fed himself oven potatoes, pasta, tried a little chicken, some waffle, a baby cookie, and had squash on a spoon (I load up the spoon and then he self-feeds and puts the spoon in his own mouth). He also does great with things like slices of pear, green beans, etc.

    ETA: people have strong feelings about mesh feeders; I'd recommend AGAINST using one cause it doesn't teach a baby how to chew and manage food in their mouth
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    Default Re: Questions about BLS

    This is just my opinion, but I would wait until he's six months old. It is totally common around 4-5 months that the baby will seem extremely keen on eating, and this is natural since at this age, they learn by copying whatever we do. However, the reason the recommended age to start solids is 6 months is not because of choking but because their little digestive systems just aren't ready for real food yet--and some babies need even more time.

    Regarding choking concerns though, why not start off with harder foods that won't break off so easily in your LO's mouth. For example, apple or carrot sticks that he can gum on, etc. With BLS, in the beginning, not much eating is actually being done. It's more about letting the baby practice using his hands and fingers and to allow him to learn new shapes, textures, and tastes with his mouth. It's really a fun learning experience for them .

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    Default Re: Questions about BLS

    the BLW book is very good. it will help you understand the concept better and that there is no need for purees. If your baby is truely ready for solids, they can handle the whole peices of food you give them.
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