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Thread: pumping while at work with OALD and OS

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    Default pumping while at work with OALD and OS

    I pump while at work- 3x during my 8-5. Usually get about 18oz. My daughter usually will only take about 12oz at daycare. I know I have an OS since I have about 200oz frozen in our freezer When I'm with her, I only nurse and I will rarely pump after (I was pumping after because she never empties me) because its a pain. Sometimes I'll pump before bed and usually pump before leaving for work. When nursing, sometimes she'll gulp and choke and delatch. She will play the delatch, latch game for a bit while nursing so I think I also have a OALD. I will hear clicking noises as well- I was thinking it was the latch but now I think it might be because of the OALD. Haven't noticed changes in her poop though. She's 15 weeks now. Can I block feed to help with the OS and OALD even though I pump during the day Monday-Friday? I wasn't sure if that would work since the majority of the time I'm pumping. Any advice for this?

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    Default Re: pumping while at work with OALD and OS

    15 weeks is still very young.

    You'll get the hang of things give it some time.

    Sometimes If I was very full I would hand express untill the let down came, and then let that milk go into a cloth and once the flow slowed a little bit then I would let my dd latch on.
    I didn't need to do it every feed just when It had been a while since she had nursed.

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    Default Re: pumping while at work with OALD and OS

    I block nurse at home (always have), but pump both sides at work because my body does not like the pump and I barely get 12 oz a day. Cumulatively, I get fuller during the day until I'm ready for my baby at the end of the day. I also respond better to the Medela Harmony manual pump I have at home to relieve occasional engorgement. I probably need to look into a new pump (did just replace all the parts on mine).

    Anyway, it sounds like you're overproducing for your pump, too. If it's causing OS and OALD while at home, you might try block pumping. Maybe pump both sides during your first morning pump, then alternate sides to pump?
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