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Thread: Pumping and breastfeeding?

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    Default Pumping and breastfeeding?

    I am currently breastfeeding my 5.5 wk old and would like to begin pumping for for storage for those times when I will be away from DD for longer than a couple of hours. Typically she nurses every 2-3 hours and sometimes its one side, sometimes both. When would be the best time to pump? I'm hesitant to nurse on one side and pump on the other at the same time because she may want to nurse on the other side when finished with the first. Or maybe this won't be a problem?

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    I was in your boat just a few days ago! First of all, if you have an electric pump, as a FTM, you'll find it's 10x faster and easier. I have an affinity pump, love it. your milk is most abundant in the AM. After your LOs first feeding, pump. If you dont get a lot the first morning, dont get dissuaded, keep at it every morning, and your supply will increase. I got 3oz off one breast this morning just after my morning feeding, which is unheard of for me!
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