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Thread: Gas or something worse?

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    BF my 5 month old son has been a struggle from the beginning. He had horrible gas to begin with, we finally tamed that by giving him Mylicon after every feeding. Then, about a month ago, he was refusing the breast, arching his back and screaming every time I tried to feed him during the day. I guessed it was acid reflux that was causing this. The pediatrician suggested feeding him rice cereal twice a day to stop the reflux. I was reluctant to do this before he turned 6 months, but I decided to try if it would help him. It did the opposite, the two days I tried to feed him cereal he screamed all day long with tummy troubles.
    I then took him to the chiropractor because I read that it could help his acid reflux. After his first appointment (2 weeks ago) he stopped refusing the breast, so I think the acid reflux has stopped. Now every time he eats he flails the top arm and leg while also whining. I keep thinking it's gas. He is a very fast eater and he gulps a lot, so he swallows a lot of air. He also eats for much less time than he used to (used to be 10-20 minutes on one breast every 2 hours, now 3-8 minutes, average of 5 minutes on one breast every two hours). I try to burp him and sometimes he does burp and sometime he doesn't. He rarely wants to go back on after a burp and when he does he comes off crying. Does anyone know if this could be a sign of something worse than gas? I'm so frustrated, I just want to be able to BF my son with no problems. Maybe there's a better position to feed him in? I just don't know and need some help.
    Thank you!

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    have you talked with a local leader? she could maybe help you sort things out....

    Try this link

    there are some signs of allergy in the middle of the link.

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    Do you think it could be overactive letdown?

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