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Thread: 5-month old suddenly eating MUCH less :(

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    Default 5-month old suddenly eating MUCH less :(

    Baby is almost 6 mos old and BF has been going really well for us until now. Problem is...the last 3 days she is eating MUCH less -- maybe half of what she used to eat. I know she's eating less because:

    * shorter nursing times
    * my breasts are still full after feeding (VERY uncomfortable)
    * diapers are much less wet

    She has one bottle (pumped milk) before bed, and she'll only drink about 1/2 - 2/3 of her usual amount from the bottle. So it's not just a nursing strike. She does not eat any solids yet. She just got over her first cold (but is no longer congested).

    At each feeding, she'll eat a little, then SCREAM when I try to latch her back on. Propping her more upright helps a little. I've seen this kind of screaming when eating in reflux babies, but she doesn't spit up much.

    She's ALWAYS been a big baby (90+% in ht and wt), and is very very very chubby. And other than eating much less, she seems happy and normal.

    Any ideas? I am so frustrated (and sore!)


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    Default Re: 5-month old suddenly eating MUCH less :(

    Checked her gums for teething signs?
    Maybe she's feeling a little under the weather??

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    Default Re: 5-month old suddenly eating MUCH less :(

    If she just had her first cold and was or is congested.... you may want to think about her ears. If she has an middle ear infection laying down and sucking could be painful. Is she pulling or rubbing her ear, fevers, still congested? Just something to think about.

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    Default Re: 5-month old suddenly eating MUCH less :(

    Mystery solved...Baby has an ear infection. I never would have guessed (no fever, fussiness, change in sleep, etc.) The only sign was poor feeding. Lesson learned and hopefully the abx will help soon!

    Thanks, all!

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