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Thread: Always Hungry!!

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    My DS is 11 weeks, and lately I've been finding I cannot eat enough! This doesn't really help my effort to loose weight, but I have to eat! I feel like a Hobbit (I'm a geek, I know lol!) and am always looking for my "second breakfast" or "second lunch", lol! I've been really craving carbs (not good ones, like pastries and white bread), so I'm trying to be disciplined in choosing healthy foods, but it's not always easy.

    I have heard you need an extra 500 calories while nursing (compared to being pg and only needing an extra 300), but it seems like I need a lot more than that! Anyone else notice this, or have any tips?

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    yes, it's very normal to feel hungry often when you're nursing, especially during the early weeks and months. and yes, 500 calories/day is about right in terms of how many extra calories you're burning.

    a lot of mamas find that during baby's growth spurts, when baby is nursing more, they feel even hungrier.

    my best tip on healthy eating when trying to lose weight is, if it's bad for you, don't buy it and have it in your house! i do understand that with other kids or a dh in the house, this can be more difficult, but maybe you could get the entire household on board to do some healthier snacking? some of my favorites are fresh fruit, string cheese, pretzels (satisfy salt and carb cravings in 1), and when i'm just flat out craving sugar and crap, a cup or so of mini-marshmallows does the trick.
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    Sometimes I find myself getting hungry more often than DD . I feel good when I snack on granola bars, which have carbs, sugar , protein, fiber, and OATMEAL, which helps me feel good about supply . Another favorite snack of mine is yogurt mixed with sunflower seeds and chopped fresh apple (I eat limited dairy).

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    I'm right there with you. Great advice to only keep healthier snacks in the house. Those cravings can be killer.

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    I also drank lots of water hich helped fill me up sometimes...

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    I seemed to go through the same thing. I gained a total of 40lbs during my pregnancy, and I was somewhat anxious to get it off. The first 20 practically fell off me, but sometime around 2 or 3 months I felt my hunger was never satisfied. Remember, it took 9 months for your body to change for you LO, it might take that long to get back to before.

    Not having junk in the house is good advise. With my LO I have lost all will power for junk myself.
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    I'm right there with ya. I get SO hungry because of BF. My LO is still young so I guess it is normal. I feel the need to eat high fat foods to, I crave them. So I'll see my weight next dr. appt. and see how I'm doing but I don't think too well. Sigh. We just started family walks every day so maybe that will help out. I am actively trying to decide to keep crap out of my house but it doesn't do much for my high fat cravings.
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