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Thread: Replacment parts (Lansinoh Dual Electric)

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    Default Replacment parts (Lansinoh Dual Electric)

    I need new tubing for this pump, because my friend is going to be passing it on to me (I see myself as lucky, its an expensive pump!) She's sterilized it, but I've been told to get new tubing as a general health concern.

    I live in San Diego, CA.. is there any places I can look up for replacement parts or what I should be googling? (or perhaps maybe someone else from SD is reading and can tell me where!)

    She said she only used it once and then decided she won't need it, if tubing isn't even necessary, considering she's sterilized it, do tell!

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    Default Re: Replacment parts (Lansinoh Dual Electric)

    I *think* Lansinoh and Ameda Purely Yours parts are somewhat interchangeable. Maybe you can do some research and see. I know Ameda parts are easily accessible online.
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