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Thread: Thrush help please

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    Alright, so I've been treated for thrush three times in five weeks and it keeps coming back. I've had three rounds of Diflucan and used two types of Nystatin cream. I've taken my daughter to the pediatrician twice and both times they told me she wasn't infected. She's 11 weeks old and I'm incredibly frustrated and overwhelmed by the pain/inconvenience. I've been pumping/bottlefeeding since wednesday since I'm so uncomfortable. I have another appt with the ob/gyn on Tuesday (soonest available) but I'd like to try something before then. Should I try the gentian violet without the pediatrician's involvement? Or should I take her back and demand she be treated? Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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    It sounds like your problem is that you have a yeast infection in your nipples, which is why the thrush keeps coming back. The most effective way to treat this problem is to treat mom and baby both at the same time, even if only one seems to be having a problem. You pass the yeast back and forth. I had this happen, and the doctors insisted that I did not have a yeast infection in my nipples, because it was "rare" to happen. Well, I got sick of dealing with thrush over and over again, so I started washing my nipples with baby shampoo after every feeding, and putting the nystatin that was prescribed to my LO on my nipples 2 to 3 times a day and letting it sit for at least 15 minutes before nursing again. I also started eating yogurt for awhile. It was rough, but the reoccuring thrush went away. Good luck, and I hope that helps!
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    Not sure of a nice way to say this, but...fire your pediatrician and get a new one that understands that if one member of a nursing dyad has thrush both need to be treated. You do not need to be in pain this way and if the ped doesn't know that little thing about bf, then (s)he isn't going to be bf friendly. It hurts soooooo much. Have you tried GSE?
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    hey ya'll! i have been lurking on this forum for a long time, always wondering if hubby checks the history to see what im looking at maybe he will get a hint, if you know what i mean :-)

    anyway - here's the thing

    I'm due to have my first born aug. 18 but about 3 months into it i was prescribed amoxicillin to kill a infection. and that's when everything went to hell in a handbasket i'll tell you!

    it killed the infection, but i ended up getting one downstairs if you know what i mean :-O

    yeah, yeast infection. wow i tried like every otc med on the market and even had my dr. preseribe a "strong effective" one but nothing worked it came back every time.

    that's when hubby said isn't there some sort of natural remedy and i was like, you know what he's right. so if you, like me are dealing with yeast i can tell you that this story by Lorraine really touched me and i bought on her recommendation. here's her article: http://preventing-yeast-infections.com

    I like how's she's not afraid to come out and just tell it like it is. But before you go the site i just want you to know that it really turned the tables for me. i feel like a new woman!

    anyway - good luck ya'll! and someone tell my husband about this site ...you know what I want! :-)

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    I am still dealing with recurrant thrush also. You should try the Gentian Violet, it helped heal up the persistant cracks I had on my nipples. Grapefruit Seed Extract (can be found at health food stores) has also helped a lot too. I've also been told rinsing your nipples in vinegar helps. I was almost pain-free, so figured I was pretty much cured of the thrush, so stopped using anything. I forgot to properly wash my bras though, and I think that might have caused it to come back. Rinse anything that touches your nipples with vinegar to kill the yeast, and if you use a pump then boil all the parts or wash with bleach to kill the yeast. Dr. Newman's website is very useful: http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/Candida-Protocol.asp If you can get a prescription for the All Purpose Nipple Ointment, it is good stuff also!! Good luck, I know how fustrating it is!

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