My dd mostly nurses to sleep, for naps and at night. She doesn't like to be swaddled, mostly because, even with a light blanket she's just too hot natured and overheats. Occasionally she will be too fussy to settle down to nurse at night, especially if she just ate a lot recently, or is overtired. On those nights I hand her off to her Daddy who just kind of holds her and sways (often while watching TV) and she drifts off. Very occasionally she'll just let us lay her down in her bed and go to sleep.

I wouldn't worry at this young age that they need swaddling or rocking to get to sleep. Those days will end soon. At some point (maybe age 2? or 3?) my boys just got into bed and went to sleep, after their usual bedtime routine. The early years go so fast. I'll rock this last baby as long as she wants me to. Heaven knows the teenagers want NO PART of that!!